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3 Mistakes Made in Pest Control

1-Not using enough products suitable for the area size

When fighting pests, the correct methods of use are very important in order to see the effectiveness of the product. If the product is not used in sufficient quantity and frequency, the fact may be encountered that insects may not be completely destroyed or may reappear. Also, insufficient use may cause insects to develop resistance, making future combat work more difficult. For example; If spraying is to be performed for an area of 100-150 m2, 5 liters of Oithox Plus UL insecticide is required.

2-Cleaning of the medicated areas with chemical drugs after spraying

After spraying, the areas to be sprayed should not be cleaned with chemical drugs in order for the application to be effective and for the drug not to lose its effect. The spraying of the cleaned areas should be renewed.

3-Superficial spraying

Detecting and eliminating the source from which the insects come out increases the effect of spraying and ensures that the problem is completely solved.The ka of insects

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