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Insecticides (insecticides) have an important place in our lives because they protect us and our food sources from harmful creatures.

Their content is always very important, as they can cause very serious problems when used unconsciously.

Since the active ingredients in insecticides that are used to kill insects are not water-soluble active ingredients, they are tried to be dissolved with solvents or similar dangerous substances, and in this case, they show very harmful side effects.


Oithox pesticides, which have a low amount of active substance and are completely water-based, never contain harmful solvents such as solvents. The fact that the products are almost odorless is another important feature that distinguishes Oithox products from all other products. Oithox never threatens your health while saving you from harmful pests with its special technology it has developed.


Since the toxic value of all the new generation pesticides we produce is quite low, it paralyzes the nervous system of the insect after contact with it and causes its death slowly.



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