Oithox Sepet 0


Target Pest Application Area and Form Application Rate Administration dose
Cockroach Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 50 ml product /m2 0.125 g ai./m2

Dwelling and its surroundings

40 ml product /m2 0.1 g ai./m2
Ant Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 4 ml product /m2 0.01 g ai./m2
Mite Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 50 ml product /m2 0.125 g ai./m2
Lice Boş Kapalı Alanlarda Sprey Uygulaması 40 ml product /m2 0.1 g ai./m2
Flea Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 40 ml product /m2 0.1 g ai./m2
Scorpion Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 16 ml product /m2 0.04 g ai./m2
Bedbug Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 20 ml product /m2 0.05 g ai./m2
Mosquito Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 200 ml product /m2 0.5 g ai./m2
Blackfly Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 25 ml product /m2 0.0625 g ai./m2
Spider Spray Application in Empty Indoor Areas 16 ml product /m2 0.4 g ai./m2
  • Ready to Use Spray
  • Water Based
  • Applied Directly
  • Does not leak
  • Doesn't Leave Stains
  • Biocidal Product Licensed by the Ministry of Health


Oithox Plus UL Insecticide is a ready-to-use insecticide, being the first and only product licensed for 11 pests. This product, which can be applied directly, is odorless and does not leave any stain or discharge. It can be applied by anyone without the need to use a mask and protective equipment. The effect is permanent. Oithox Plus UL Insecticide targets the nervous system of tracheal-breathing pests, causing their death after a while. It makes a difference with its ability to be applied on all kinds of surfaces, including interior and exterior spaces. You can use this product safely in all your living spaces as well as in your home.​

Active Ingredient Name and Amount:

0.25% Permethrin,

0.125% Tetramethrin,

0.25% PB0

Pests It Is Effective On

It is licensed for mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, ants, lice, fleas, mites, bedbugs, spiders, ticks and scorpions, and is effective on all tracheal-breathing insects.


It is applied to the areas where pests are found by spraying thoroughly from a distance of approximately 50 - 70 cm until slightly wet. You do not need to leave the environment after application, do not rinse or clean. For stubborn pests, it is recommended to make several applications 3 days apart by observing and monitoring according to the egg laying period of the pest.

Areas Of Use

Pesticides are an important tool for keeping our living spaces healthy and away from pests. Especially a powerful and effective insecticide such as Oithox Plus Ul is an excellent helper in pest control in different parts of the house.

Kitchens can have a great attraction for pests, often due to their food sources. Therefore, areas such as kitchen worktops, the lower and inner parts of cabinets, garbage cans, the backs of appliances such as dishwashers and ovens, around the dining table and chairs are ideal places for using Oithox Plus Ul.

Bathrooms can be quite inviting for insects due to the fact that they are humid environments. In this case, it is important to use Oithox Plus Ul in areas such as sink bottoms, bathroom cabinets, back and bottom of the toilet, shower curtains and walls.

Bedrooms are another critical area that needs to be free of insects for a calm and peaceful sleep. Regular use of the insecticide is required in places such as headboards, bed frames, closet interiors, carpets, curtains and window sills.

In the living room, it is an area that needs to be protected from insects so that we can relax comfortably. The underside of armchairs and sofas, cushions, carpets, curtains and window sills should be kept free of pests with Oithox Plus Ul.

In the dining rooms, on the other hand, the application of Oithox Plus Ul is especially necessary in places such as under the dining table and chairs, inside cabinets. A hygienic dining area is one of the indispensable parts of a healthy life.

Other internal areas of our house may be places where pests often shelter. Places such as corridors, stair bottoms, door and window sills, interior and exterior surfaces of cabinets should be cleaned regularly with Oithox Plus Ul.

Clothes and shoes can also be attractive to insects. Insecticide should be applied in and around wardrobes and wardrobes, in and around shoe closets.

Finally, plant pots and the lower parts of plants inside the house can be an ideal breeding ground for pests. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly apply Oithox Plus Ul to these areas.

In short, the correct and regular use of Oithox Plus Ul protects our homes from pests and creates a healthier living space. Carefully considering each application area will help maximize this effect.


State of Miscibility

The related product is in the ready-made solution UL formulation type, it is a ready-to-use product and direct application is made to the areas to be applied. Ready-made Solution products are not diluted as an extra.


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