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Ticks (Katin: Ixodida), arachnids (Latin: Arachnida) are the arthropod monotypic order of the mites (Latin: Acarina) subclass and its superfamily.


Ticks are obligate bloodsucking ectoparasites. There are hooks and suction cups at the ends of the legs. They adhere easily to the skin and suck blood with their mouth organelles. After they are well swollen, they throw themselves on the ground and get away from their hosts, climbing grass or trees. The tips of their forelimbs are specialized for touch and smell. If an animal passes under the tree it is in, it falls on it, sticks to its skin, and sucks its blood by inserting its hose into its flesh. Tick ​​saliva contains proteolytic enzymes that digest and liquefy tissues. It is one of the most important vectors that play a role in the transmission of human and animal diseases. They can cause many diseases of bacteria, rickettsia, spirochetes, viruses, parasites, fungi, protozoa and worms. In addition, they can cause tokicoses, paralysis and allergic reactions. They are found in every part of the world.


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